Not only the “What” but also the “How” & the “Why”

Bushveld Experience Skills & Training offers a variety of nature training courses which cover all aspects of South Africa's beautiful & diverse natural heritage and wildlife, and which afford the curious nature lover with the unique opportunity to acquire hands-on identification & interpretive skills and knowledge in a practical and stimulating learning environment. We concentrate on the savannah and grassland biomes and explore the different elements, both living and non-living, which contribute to these habitats and ecosystems. Subjects covered range from Geology and Ecology to Grasses, Trees, Birds, Mammals, Insects, Reptiles and many more.

Getting to grips with the sights, signs & sounds of the bush is one of the most rewarding outcomes which our courses offer.

  • BEST Nature Course

    An unforgettable Bushveld Experience
    The part-time BEST Nature Course consists of modules covering earth, plant and animal studies. The evening lectures are presented by well-known experts such as Fritz van Oudtshoorn, Erik Holm, Ulrich Oberprieler, Vincent Carruthers and others – the people who have written the books. The highlight of the course is the weekend practicals and day excursions.
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  • BEST Specialist Courses

    The BEST Specialist Courses are short “2nd year” modules which provide more in-depth skills and training into specific subjects.
    Specialist courses offered include BEST Birds (Beginners, Intermediate, Raptors, and LBJ’s), Focus on Acacias, Spiders and Scorpions and many others.
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