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BEST Nature Course

The Bushveld Experience Skills & Training part-time “BEST Nature Course” aims at improving the student’s knowledge, understanding and inter­pretation of all aspects of the bushveld.  The course covers both the living and non-living elements of South Africa’s natural herit­age with em­phasis on the savannah and grass­land biomes. 

Our objective is to instil an awareness of conservation and create an understanding of the impact our actions have on the natural environ­ment.  Most of all, we aim to deepen the stu­dents’ love and enjoy­ment of the bushveld. 

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BEST Specialist Courses

The aim of these short courses is to supplement a basic knowledge of the bush, and to provide more in-depth skills and training into specific subjects. These “2nd year” modules are presented by recognised experts in the particular subject and generally consist of one or two lectures followed by practical weekends or day trips. The notes and lectures provide background information on the subject; the weekend field exercises are designed to provide hands-on identification and interpretation tools and skills and to stimulate a deeper understanding, all under the guidance of the subject expert.

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Available short courses:


Focus on Acacias
Like the call of the Fish Eagle, Acacias epit­omise the African bushveld. Ecologi­cally they are vital to the savannah bi­ome; these thorn trees provide food, shade and shelter to a host of birds, animals, insects and other organisms from the dry Kalahari to the lowveld.
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Intermediate Birds

Do you remember when you posi­tively identified your first bird and could finally put a tick in your field guide? This was the start of a very rewarding hobby which put a new perspective on trips to the bushveld.
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